Affiliate Marketing Conference
Saint-Petersburg, Azimut Hotel
The 17th of June, 2019

What is going on?

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We respect your time and we are going to organize the useful conference where experienced speakers will share their skills and run workshops.

  • No success/failure stories
  • No cases
  • Only approaches, tools, analytics
  • About the main without pathos
  • No fantasy
  • Illustrative demonstrations and training
We have prepared the conference of new format for Russia: speakers are not allowed to talk about cases, visitors are not allowed to drink alcohol and exhibitors are not allowed to bring women without clothes.

  • Women in clothes
  • No alcohol
  • Limited number of visitors
  • Active networking
  • More business cards to the cards` God
  • Objective education

Who should attend the conference ???!

1. If you work with FB,

you will be really interested in the valuable report of Max Kravchenko. He’ll tell us about the moderation options for what is prohibited!

2. In case you would like to be aware of the latest trends of affiliate marketing

- Irina Kachesova, special project manager of customer service Admitad, will present the tendency of traffic types development and who the Z are.

3. If you are a worker or owner of the Affiliate Program, the Affiliate Network, the platform for affiliates, or you’re an affiliate yourself and buy traffic from various sources,

you have to learn what Tomasz Koźlik, the representative of the world's largest tracking system with a huge number of technical capabilities to track traffic, will speak about.

4. And again if you are a worker or owner of the Affiliate Program or the Network, the platform for affiliates and plan to develop your company in a technical way.

Then RTB is the most interesting topic for you. Daniil Podolsky will talk about RTB and also explain in details how it could improve and automatize your business.

5. If you’d like to understand how to achieve something in this sphere,

Arman Babayan will tell you his story of success. You’ll definitely get motivated after that!

6. If you work with Push, Popunders, Banners, and etc.

The report of Samir Salem, a representative of one of the largest advertising networks, Adsterra, is made for YOU! He’ll talk more about API, and many other handy things!

7. If you want to keep your hard-earned money, to address the issues with the taxes and withdrawals,

the report by Sergey Nazarkin, representative of Amond & Smith Ltd, the man who wrote the articles for Forbes, is exactly what you’re looking for!

Another conference… Why bother?


Fresh info and cool speakers. Do you follow other cases or are you able to create your own ones based on statistics? What do you know about API integration, by the way?

At our workshops you will learn how to make your work automatic, reduce the discrepancy, analyze the campaigns effectiveness with the help of neural network.


To have a chat with professionals. It is always pleasant to gently shake the hand of a very dear partner and sternly look into the eyes of a rival.

A special networking area with a host, speed-dating. You're not leaving without new contacts and hands full of business cards, even if you're a notorious sociophobe.

New contacts

More business cards for business cards-obsessed ones! Conferences remain the most effective, and almost the only way to find clients, partners, the right people in your team.

Stroll around the exhibition area, get to know the largest companies, take all of their merch to your collection.


Spend the day out of the office, have dinner in a nice atmosphere. Fruitful and pleasant.

Please yourself, reward your employees with a delicious lunch and a party, tasty food, pleasant company, exciting show program.

How much?


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  • Live presentations in HD
  • Lunch in your kitchen
  • Networking in telegram chat
  • Afterparty on the couch with the glass of wine


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  • Presentations
  • Exhibition area
  • Workshops
  • Networking
  • Coffee and cake

I want lunch and party

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  • All the benefits of a participant
  • Lunch
  • Afterparty


Igor Nisenbaum-Levitskiy


Arman Babayan


Tomasz Koźlik


Daniil Podolskiy


Samir Salem


Irina Kachesova


Maksim Kravchenko

No Name Team

Sergei Nazarkin

Amond & Smith Ltd


10:30 - Participants registration

Registration of participants. Please do not be late to avoid crowds and delays. Please prepare a QR code for scanning (in the notification on the mail you provided during registration).

11:45-12:00 - Welcome word from Organizers and Melbet comany as the general sponsor of the conference

12:00-12:40 - Igor Nisenbaum-Levitskiy, MGID

The expert at attracting the global brands. 10 years of experience in sales development and companies’ branding in digital channel . He will talk about the main tendencies of native advertising market, performance future of global brands.

12:40-13:20 - Tomasz Koźlik, Voluum

You will learn much more about the features of using tracking systems from Tomasz Koźlik, who works as a coordinator for customer care in Voluum.

13:20-14:00 - Daniil Podolskiy, AnchorFree

RTB: Is it hard? Is it necessary? Golang evangelist and developer at AnchorFree, Danil Podolskiy, will talk about how working with RTB networks can make life easier for a simple arbitrator, as well as the possibilities / features / ways of switching to RTB.

14:00-14:40 - Dinner

For the holders of the ticket "Participant" will be offered coffee and biscuit. Visitors with "I want lunch and party" tickets will taste the most delicious hot lunch.

14:40-15:20 - Arman Babayan, Natifico

The realities of doing business in 2019. Arman Babayan, the founder of Natifico, who has impressive work experience at PropellerAds and Adsterra, will tell you which ways you should navigate in order to successfully work for profit and what weather conditions you need to be prepared to achieve success in arbitration business.

15:20-16:00 - Sergey Nazarkin, Amond & Smith Ltd

Sergey Nazarkin, Deputy Director- General, partner of the Law Firm Amond & Smith Ltd, member of the Tax Court Consultants of the Russian Federation, member of the Russian section of International tax association will hold the consultation about the legitimate methods of funds withdrawal from foreign and russian companies, offshores, reduction of tax policies, etc.

16:00-16:40 - Samir Salem, Adsterra

Samir Salem, an advertising manager who manages the Adsterra's API integrations with another networks , will tell the affiliates and performance agencies about how to use the API in right way.

16:40-17:20 - Irina Kachesova, special project manager of customer service Admitad

Trend of affiliate marketing: What is the tendency of traffic types development? Where to find the segments to run? Who are the Z?

17:20-18:00 - Maksim Kravchenko, No name team

Facebook Affiliate. Maksim Kravchenko, Affiliate, Head of affilates of No Name Team, will speak about the proper preparation for running Nutra, will present the strategy, technical equipment, creatives and farming.

18:15 - Cocktail party

After a productive conference, we invite all ticket holders to continue networking and chat with speakers in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.



The conference will take place in St. Petersburg. Azimut Hotel, 18th floor.

Lermontovsky Prospect, 43/1